ExitJunction - Your Innovative, Non-Intrusive, Exit-traffic monetization solution!

Nearly 41% of all site visitors BOUNCE! Are you monetizing your Exit Traffic?

The Problem

Your site offers great content. But you can't please every visitor that finds your site from a link or search engine. Some visitors click the "back" button right away and leave your site without being monetized.

ExitJunction Solution

We help you monetize your site's exit traffic! By inserting a simple code into your site, visitors that leave your site will be presented with a non-intrusive highly relevant ads. This creates a NEW ADDITIONAL revenue opportunity for your site. No need to replace or change your site's existing monetization strategy. Get paid for traffic from USA, Australia, China, India & many other countries!

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  • New Revenue Source - monetize your exit / bounce traffic
  • International Traffic Welcome - all international publishers are encouraged to apply
  • AdSense Friendly - doesn't interfere with current AdSense terms or ad setup
  • Easy Implementation - insert short line of code to your site
  • Safeguard User Experience - no pop-ups or redirects, just helpful non-intrusive links
  • Timely Payouts - Get paid fast via Paypal, Check or Wire
  • Great Referral Program - get 10% referral commissions on earnings for LIFE!
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